Voracious Comic's Power Cell

At long last the new Power Cell bundle has arrived! A collection of sequence sheets and internals featuring Cell and popular female characters spanning across anime, manga and video games (added my own Moga in for good measure). These lovely ladies where voted in by my wonderful SubscribeStar members.  Expect to see tail vore front and center. Emphasis on head-first, hosiery, and feet. Plenty of tight bulges, and sticky confinement! Get a close look at Cell's journey to obtain his perfect form right here in, Voracious Comic's Power Cell!  


  • 6 comic sequence sheets
  • 4 internals
  • cover page
  • 2 minute audio comic featuring the voice work of the talented, Saa.

All of this for $15.00 USD.

This bundle features some adult themes and contains vore. 18+ adults only.

Bundle is included with second and third tier subscribers

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203.26MB ZIP Download

USD 10.00

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